About TRIUM Environmental Inc

Our turn-key management approach ensures that from the first site characterization through to completed site remediation, we are offering the right tool for the right situation at the right time.

TRIUM is a diverse group of environmental professionals united by a passion for working in an innovative team environment. Our focus is the safe development, integration and execution of remediation strategies and applications with triple constraint recognition and efficiencies.

Our commitment to training, competency, and superior equipment is routinely noted for exceeding industry and client standards. Continual improvement is the founding principle of our safety and performance achievements.

Mission Statement

Our Legacy is defined as being the premier turn-key soil and groundwater remediation technology provider. AT TRIUM, Remediation is our Services, REALITY is our Product.

Core Business Vision

We will execute fully on every opportunity selected through utilization and refinement of existing proven technology as well as development of new and novel technology through creative vision, innovative collaboration and efficient commercialization.

Business Ideology

We are the premier hybrid chemical remediation company in our sector.
We won’t oversell our technology and are committed to the successful outcome of our programs.
We are flexible to the procedures and contract requirements of our clients
We have created a hybrid business approach by combining the traditional models of service and knowledge based companies.
We operate in Western Canada and South Korea.
Our identity is founded on ethical science and engineering in advancement of integrated chemical remediation processes and site management
We work equally and fairly with industry, government, consultancies and contractors to deliver unique chemical remediation expertise (TriOx®) and realize closure to environmental contamination issues.
We are intensely committed to advancing our knowledge and strategies through field applications and private/public research grants and partnerships.
Our system works because it includes everyone in our company.


We provide technical excellence and the synergy of our integrated expertise to deliver proven, innovative services and products in:

Contaminated Site Remediation including:

  • Chemical Oxidation (ChemOX®) Soil and Groundwater Remediation by:
    • In –situ Chemical Oxidation
    • Ex-situ Chemical Oxidation
  • Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Remediation by:
    • Amendment Stabilization
    • Advanced Solid Washing System
  • Remediation Investigation and Planning
  • Treatability Studies and Detailed Design Remediation Engineering

Current Technology Development and Commercialization including:

  • Thermal Reaction Enhanced Extraction
    • Integrated soils remediation and high value fluids recovery technology (in-situ and ex-situ applications) using proprietary enhancement amendment and concentrated, efficient first stage heating techniques.

"Remediation is our Service, Reality is our Product"



TRIUM is proud to hold the trademarks to several of our key services, including ChemOx®, EXCO®, Remediation Train®, ISOTEC®, and TriOx®.

Research and Development

TRIUM’s employees have a diverse knowledge base in a variety of technical disciplines including environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, contaminant hydrogeology and environmental science. Our core innovation capability is related to integration and synergy of expertise from a multi-disciplinary team including three components:

  • Research & Development by internal R&D teams as well as collaborations with local academic and government research organizations
  • Engineering, Design and Fabrication for cost effective technology commercialization
  • Field/Technical Engineering and Applications which are managed using TRIUM resources and equipment to ensure correct deployment of technologies

Global Presence

Since 2007 TRIUM has maintained international ventures in Asia. We are also proud to represent Alberta innovation through private and governmental sponsored foreign trade and technology missions. Our involvement has led to extensive international development in product, service and manufacturing sectors.

Innovative Remediation Solutions